Constructed from heavy duty t304l stainless steel with heavy duty precision engineered stainless steel signature rollers. The sort-rite signature rollers ensures gentle handling of product and can grade both head-on shrimp and shell-on shrimp tails into 5 sizes. The baffles used for fine grading will allow a uniformity ratio of 1.2 or less by grade size provided that fresh/ firm chilled product is being graded. The sort-rite grader comes equipped with a cover lift using pre-loaded ss cylinders for cleaning and sanitary purposes. Overhead stainless steel sprayer system ensures lubrication for the rollers during operation. Heavy duty stainless steel drive motor complete with inline gear reducer and optional electronic or mechanical soft start system. The sort-rite grader has 5 discharge openings, where the smaller capacity machines use discharge chutes and starting with the 4000 lbs. (1800 kg.) per hour machines, discharge conveyors are used. Optional, discharge conveyors length at customer's request. The discharge conveyors are equipped with usda and fda approved polypropelene belting with micro-supports and 22% open grid. Optional pack-out system can be attached to the discharge conveyors. Included with the sort-rite grader is a specially designed elevator feed conveyor - constructed of heavy duty t304l stainless steel construction with open grid polypropylene elevator belt with one inch (1") product supports. With the elevator feed conveyor comes a hopper to receive the product from the washtank. The hopper comes complete with a four inch (4") hopper clean-out, fresh water spray system with connection. The hopper filled with chilled water ensures that the product temperature is maintained. The belt action creates a turbulence in the water that spread the product across the flights elevating the product for an even distribution onto the grader. The elevator is equipped with heavy duty stainless steel wash down motor. Cover lift pre-loaded cylinders stainless steel water spray system.

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