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Sort-Rite International

70 Years of Pioneering Shrimp Processing Equipment

Sort-Rite International is the world’s premier choice for specialized shrimp processing equipment since 1952.

Our Products

At Sort-Rite, we pride ourselves on a diverse range of products ready to make your shrimp processing systems extraordinarily seamless and efficient. Each piece of equipment is a result of extensive research and development, ensuring that you receive technology that is not just advanced but also user-friendly, durable, and federally regulated.

Our Shrimp Machines, Your Processes

Need a particular function to fill the space in your plant?

Sort-Rite Shrimp Grader Machine

Sorting and Grading

Not all shrimps are created equal! Our machines know and will do it lightning quick.

Sort-Rite Conveyor Machine

Conveyors and elevators

Connect and match your shrimp processing equipment automatically and seamlessly with our conveyor solutions.

Sort-Rite Wash Tank

Loading and Cleaning

Load shrimp and clean them using these machines.

Sort-Rite Deheading Table

Value-Adding Machines

Create higher-value products with headless, deveined or cooked shrimp

Why Choose Sort-Rite?

The biggest seafood manufacturing companies trust us. Here’s why you should, too.

Ingenious and Durable

legacy of innovation and specialized solutions

Industry-Leading Efficiency

designed for your profit

Decades of Experience

we are experts at this!

Global Reach

team work and dedication

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Our Customers

Sort-Rite’s shrimp processing equipment are used by the biggest food manufacturing companies.