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De-Heading System

This De-Heading system will have enough room for 40 positions (20 on each side) to properly de-head and inspect shrimp in an efficient and sanitary operation.

Made and Designed in the USA

Specification Technology:

Shrimp Process: 2000/4000 Per Hour
Material: 304L Stainless Steel
Motor: 3 Phase - 230/460V - 50/60Hz
Energy Consumption: 3.0 Kw
Overall Dimension Machine: Length:46’6’’ : Width:6’2’’ Height: 3”-necks 5’2’’
Weight: 6500 lbs


14’’ wide PP POLYPROPYLENE 20% open GRID Discharge Holes for shrimp Heads Shrimp Tail Transport Flumes
2 Water Pump 1hp Broken Pieces & Soft Shrimp Transport Flumes Buckets For Shrimp Heads
Stand Platform Aluminum Diamond Plate 1 Motor 2hp 1750rpm Reduccer 50.1
High Efficiency 1.25 - 1.4 According to UR Standard

Saving water consumption Easy to clean and maintenance

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De Heading System