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Bin Dumper

This Automatic Bin Dumper will have a capacity of 6000 lbs and a loading Automatic Hydraulic Bin Dumper height of 1” above floor with a discharge height of 60” above floor and discharge of 45° above horizontal.

Made and Designed in the USA

Specification Technology:

Shrimp Process: 6000 lb Capacity Hold
Material: 304L Stainless Steel
Motor: 1 Phase – 220V – 50/60Hz
Energy Consumption: 3.0 Kw
Overall Dimension Machine: Length:6’4’’ Width:4’10’’ Height:10’2’’
Weight: 2500 lbs


Hydraulic 2 hp Pump 2 Hydraulic Cylinder Lever Stopper Bar Different Levels Sizes
High Efficiency

The Automatic Hydraulic Bin Dumper is a powerhouse in shrimp sorting, boasting a 6000 lb capacity with loading and discharge heights tailored for maximum efficiency. Its robust 2 hp hydraulic pump and two cylinders ensure seamless operation, while adjustable features cater to various container sizes. Easy to maintain and saves water. Compact and energy-efficient, it’s a game-changer in seafood sorting.

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Bin Dumper