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Shrimp Grader Machines

Our shrimp grader machines guarantee to meet weight requirements consistently, offering reliability and peace of mind to shrimp producers worldwide. Experience the power of precision with our shrimp grading machines and revolutionize your sorting process today. Tailored for the seafood industry, this labor-saving solution grades shrimp based on weight ranges, ensuring meticulous precision in every batch.

8A Shrimp Grader

8A Shrimp Grader

This is our best grader yet. It processes 8,000 shrimps per hour. Amazing for companies with profit and accuracy in mind.

6A Shrimp Grader

6A Shrimp Grader

This grader processes 6,000 shrimps per hour. Perfect for companies who want to balance value, production and regular profit.

4a Shrimp Grader

4A Shrimp Grader

This shrimp grader processes 4,000 shrimps per hour. Recommended for medium sized companies with modest operations.

1A Shrimp Grader

1A Shrimp Grader

This processes 1,000 shrimps per hour. This grader is perfect for small-scale operations.

The Sort-Rite Advantage

At Sort-Rite, we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in seafood processing. Our innovative shrimp processing technology ensures optimal performance, reduced energy costs, and minimized product wastage. Our commitment to reliability and cutting-edge solutions has earned us the trust of clients worldwide. Choose Sort-Rite for superior seafood processing, backed by decades of industry-leading expertise and customer satisfaction.

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